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Rethink. Evolve. Scale.

The Hopkins Digital Story.

Hopkins Digital was born out the desire to help SMEs that demand growth get ahead and make the most of the tools available to grow and scale online businesses.


As a co-founder of Mon Purse (ORIA Online Retailer of the Year 2017) and the founder of iCoverLover, James Hopkins has more than 8 years eCommerce experience and has generated more than $50m in sales.


As someone who understands the day to day challenges faced not only just inside digital marketing, but across an entire business, James brings a unique vision, ability and skill set that can only be formed by working on the inside of these ventures.


The approach of ‘being on the inside’ is what makes Hopkins Digital different. We invest client budgets like they are our own so that our clients can not only free up capital for other essential investments but also generate a return on ad spend that delivers more revenue back to their business.


We develop custom-made solutions that deliver the right message, at the right time, to help your business engage with the most qualified audiences available.

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