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The 4 Hour Work Week Beckons...

The chances are your career has led you to the point of starting or running your own business, congratulations on taking this enormous step towards your financial freedom. The 4 hour work week beckons.

Or so you thought.

The truth is you're now working 100 hour weeks at the minimum. The life plans you’ve had all of a sudden been put on hold whilst you focus on the very thing that’s supposed to allow you to fulfil these plans.

I know the feeling, I’ve been there, yet here I am doing it all again! Why? Because it’s what I love.

Running your own business can be the most daunting, all consuming experience of your life. At least at the office you got to put up with someone else’s shit for a while rather than it always being your own right?

The 4 hour work week beckons

Hopkins Digital was born from the inside. From the inside of several startups including Mon Purse, the 2017 Australian on-line retailer of the year.

We specialise in helping small and medium businesses in their digital marketing, custom funnel strategies, lead generation, customer acquisition, website and conversion optimisation, automation of customer journeys and customer retention.

Now the chances are you haven’t even thought about half of these things.

Your marketing includes blanket emails and boosting a few posts. You’re not quite sure what a pixel is, let alone how to harness its power. You haven’t reviewed last weeks marketing activity in months.

Coming from the inside is all about knowing your world, the experiences and decisions you are living for the first time.

We spend your money like it’s our own, that’s what makes Hopkins Digital different to any other.

Read more about the services that Hopkins Digital offers here.

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